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Prepare Yourself Psychologically for Good Health

There are many barriers to becoming physically fit in most people’s lives; not only do you have to find a way to fit it into your already busy life, and prioritize it ahead of other important things, or things that just seem more fun, and it’s not always enjoyable at the outset, but also, your family and your friends may be less than supportive. With all these barriers, the last thing you need is for yourself to be less than supportive, emotionally. Here are some tips to help you keep yourself where you need to be, mentally.

Measurable goals are one good way to keep yourself aware of your progress. They don’t have to be complicated goals; you can simply tell yourself that you’d like to do five sit ups today, and five tomorrow, and five the next, and so on. Even a minimally active goal is great; the point is that the goal is achievable, and that you will make a commitment to achieving it. Five sit ups might seem individually pointless, but they will add up over time. And when you are doing five sit ups without complaint, then you can add another set at a different time of day; perhaps you can do 5 in the morning and five in the evening.

Make friends who have similar goals. These friends will encourage you to meet your own goals and you will help them stay on track for theirs. It doesn’t matter if their goals are loftier or lighter than your goals- the only thing that matters is that both of you have your self-interest in mind, that you become a healthier person through exercise.

Don’t get too discouraged when you can’t reach your goals in a particular respect, on a particular day. There’s always tomorrow. Perhaps you couldn’t finish a particular race that you’d hoped you’d be able to, because you got tired and winded. That’s okay. There’s always going to be another race. Perhaps tomorrow, you’ll start training a little harder, run a little longer, set the machine to a slightly higher slope. But just because you didn’t reach your goal today doesn’t mean that you can’t still reach that goal tomorrow. It’s more important to focus on tomorrow and your future attempts and those future successes than past failures.

Be encouraged by other people. Just like you, other people have struggled to make getting physically fit a priority in their lives. Just like you, other people have overcome barriers in their lives to become more physically active. Their stories can provide inspiration, ideas, or simply encouragement to pursue your goal of becoming physically fit again.

Hopefully these tips will help you find more ways and inspire a greater commitment to getting back in shape. The greatest barrier is almost always ourselves, and once you can overcome that, you can overcome almost everything. Make it a goal for yourself to get back to the activities you love, and if you encounter discouragement from loved ones, try to get them to understand the same reasons you have for getting back in shape- you want to be healthy and have more time to spend with them.