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8 Ideas To Reinforce Your Commitment to Fitness

You know you want it: a healthier and stronger body. How do you get it? Hard work and commitment! Consider the following tips and strategies to get your workout into high gear, and keep it there.

Shoes and clothing. You don’t need to look like the cover of a fitness magazine when you work out. Find smart, comfortable clothing that flexes with your body and washes well. Be particular about whatever foot gear you need, as your feet will be supporting your entire body and everything you put it through. Consider good workout shoes to be an investment in your health.

Equipment. Make sure you have comfortable and safe equipment, from a yoga mat to long-distance bike, to dumbbells and rowing machines. If you check first with your local thrift store, you can see good examples of exercise equipment that simply gathered dust. You can either learn what not to buy there, or find a great deal on what you want to use. Make sure all equipment is functional and that you use it properly.

Location. Some prefer the comfort and privacy of their own home or backyard, while others perform better at a gym. Whatever your preference, make the most of your exercise environment by maximizing its potential for you. Designate a spare room or the garage in your home and gear it towards your fitness success. If you’re going to join a gym, make certain it has everything you need to remain committed to the program for the long haul.

Regime. What works best for the guy next to you may not be your cup of tea. Just because someone else succeeds with a Marine Corp style program, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Finding your own fitness style will make sure your enjoyment of it, which will increase the likelihood of your staying with it. Music tends to be a great instigator for many, so get a good personal music player and push yourself further.

Schedule. You need to consider all elements of your life when planning your exercise program. If you work 60 hours a week, try working out in the mornings, even if you have to get up earlier. Whatever your schedule, be mindful of it so that you set yourself up for success and avoid giving yourself excuses to slack off or even drop out.

Commitment. No matter what else is going on in your life, you must have a strong commitment in your heart, to succeed with your fitness goals. A half-hearted attempt will only make you feel like a failure and discourage future efforts. Understand that what you are doing is more than a fad or a reason to update your Face-book status; it’s getting you healthy for life!

Support. If possible, join forces with a friend or two in your efforts to achieve optimum physical conditioning. You will feed off each other’s motivation and competitive nature. Having someone who understands your shortcomings, pain and purpose will keep your momentum high. It’s also nice to share rides, ideas and advice on how to get the most out of your efforts.

Measurements of progress. Be it a scale, before and after photos or fitting into your favorite old pair of jeans, you need to have some way to measure your accomplishments. Keep your expectations reasonable, your progress steady and your commitment strong and you will be pleasantly surprised with the strides you make. All of it will be well worthwhile when you have realized your dream of becoming fit and healthy for life.

You know you can do it, if you put your mind to it. Carefully map out your plan for success and turn yourself into the stronger, healthier person you’ve wanted to be for so long!

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