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Seven Steps To Fitness That All Can Take

How in shape you are makes the difference between great health and bad health. The impacts into your life range from the size of your clothes, to your energy level, to even how long you can expect to live. If being healthier and happier is important to you, then getting in good shape is something that you need to do. Read on for a seven step plan you can follow.

1. Identify the parts of your health and body that you want to focus your efforts on. Maybe you want a smaller waist or bigger biceps. You might want to focus on a goal, like a marathon. It might just be a certain number of pounds you want to lose. Just have some specific objective goal in mind.

2. Lay out a plan to reach your goal. The example of a marathon might be the easiest one in this step, given how many books and magazines are out there dedicated to marathon training. All come with timetables, diets and all the real world experience you could ever ask for. Losing weight is also an area where you will get flooded with information. Bigger biceps could get tricky, because you might not need to bulk up, you might just need to slim down a little to let your existing muscle show. Whatever you do in this step, make sure it includes a visit to your doctor to be on the safe side.

3. Joining a gym really helps out. It gives you a dry, lit environment, likely open most hours of the day. There will also be trained professionals on the staff to assist you along the way. Make sure to choose one that is affordable, in a convenient location and not packed with people in your ideal times of day.

4. Be mindful of your diet. The foods you need to eat might vary a bit according to your goals, but certain truths hold true across the board. Lean meats, nuts, certain vegetables, seafood and maybe dairy are your best sources of protein, not red meats. Avoid processed foods, sodium, fat and sugars in favor of fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Hedge your vitamin and mineral intake needs with a supplement.

5. Drink water. Drink more water. Have a stainless steel bottle with water within reach of your hand at all times. Do not think that drinking lots of sports drinks makes you an athlete. They are loaded with carbs and sugars. You might need one right after an intense cardio workout. Drinking only those is going to backfire.

6. Pay attention to your body when it signals it is tired. You have to decide then whether to stop and rest, because you might be injuring yourself. Or, you might have to realize this is when your intense workout is really starting and you have to keep going. Consult your doctor for personal warning signs that you need to stop, such as how hard your breathing is (if you can not talk, stop) and what your maximum heart rate should be working out.

7. Stick to the previous six steps at all times. Three months in, you might find you are capable of something physical you could not do before. That’s great, but that does not mean you should start doing it. See your doctor again to get their blessing before adding in any new exercises to your fitness regimen. Always eat right, and always stay hydrated.

If your health is essential to you, you need to put in the time and energy to stay in shape. When you follow and live the seven steps listed in this article, you will get in better shape.

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