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Yes, You Can Shed Excess Weight Without Spending Excess Cash!

Yes, You Can Shed Excess Weight Without Spending Excess Cash!

For some people, even the idea of actively pursuing a healthier and more fit lifestyle is enough to send them straight to bed with a pint of ice cream. Of course it doesn’t help that junk food is much cheaper and easier to find than the healthy stuff. Likewise, you can sit on the couch all day free, but joining a gym? Buying running shoes? It can get expensive! Fortunately, this article proves that it’s possible to shed weight without sweating cash.

Many people find that the fitness club environment is an excellent motivator to work hard and do so often. However, registration fees and monthly dues can border on excessive at the larger, national chains. Instead, consider smaller independent facilities in your area. Fitness franchises like Curves and Anytime Fitness are only two of the many popular businesses that have started popping up in suburban areas. Because the owner has a more personal stake in the success of the gym, he or she is often more than happy to work out an agreeable pricing plan if it means getting your business.

If your fitness plans incorporate free weights, you might be tempted to splurge on a complete weight set while reasoning that the huge investment is just greater motivation to stick with your program. Unfortunately, this isn’t always how it works. A more reasonable and cost-effective alternative is to buy your weights in smaller increments. Be realistic–are you really going to be lifting 50-pound barbells anytime soon?

If you are physically healthy enough to jog or run, you’ve automatically discovered an excellent way to get fit without spending big. Aside from a quality pair of supportive running shoes, incorporating running into your program won’t cost a thing. When you shop for running or walking shoes, it isn’t necessary to opt for the most expensive shoe in the store. At the same time, you don’t want to risk injury by selecting the cheapest option. Spend a few minutes online comparing reviews of different shoes to determine which features and benefits you need and which aren’t necessary.

If you are the type of person who prefers to work out in a more private environment, the idea of forking over hundreds of dollars to join a gym is the least appealing option out there. Fortunately, it’s certainly possible to pursue fitness activities in the comfort of your own home. For example, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon offer instant streaming of hundreds of fitness videos ranging from step exercises to cardio and even pole dancing! If you don’t already have these services, you can sign up for less than $10 a month in most cases.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a fitter, healthier lifestyle! It’s a decision that is sure to reward you richly and improve the quality of life. As we’ve shown, a better lifestyle is yours if you are willing to work hard and think smart. Instead of shelling out tons of cash for overpriced equipment and fitness gimmicks, save it! At the very least, put it up until the day you can don that new bikini with pride or walk about freely with your figure-flattering new suit without sucking in your stomach. We promise, you CAN get to that point. Best of luck to you.