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Sticking With It: The Power of Consistency

When you first begin your exercise program there is the initial excitement and quick results that keep you excited and motivated. After awhile, you may find yourself in a workout rut and give in to the temptation to take a break or even quit. Before you quit take a moment and think back to your first days back in the gym. That was hard work, and you might not have believed that you could do it, but you did. If you quit exercising and then start back up again after a long break it’s almost like starting again from the beginning.

Consistency is its own reward because all the gains that you have experienced from weeks or months of working out will begin to stack up. You will feel stronger, have better endurance and stamina. These rewards also flow into other areas of your life. When you have shown the self discipline to stick with an exercise routine, you may begin to feel more confident and disciplined in other areas of your life.

So, no matter how difficult it might feel at the moment, never, ever give up on your fitness plans. The decision to stick with your program is one that you will never regret.

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