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Taking Exercise Classes To Get Into Shape

Many people like to take fitness classes to get into shape. They are led by an instructor and you can exercise with others in a more social environment. If taking classes to help you get into shape, or stay in shape interests you, read the following article so you can learn more about the most popular fitness classes.

Yoga ClassesOne very popular class is yoga. Yoga is not all about stretching and standing in odd poses, although that is part of it. In yoga you learn to breath, stretch and meditate. Those who take yoga usually find it a relaxing experience, but it is good for strength training as well.

Swimming is another great fitness class, it’s especially fun if you like being in the water. In these classes an instructor has you stretch and then has you swim laps in the different swimming styles. There are also various strength training exercises and even some other cardio exercises that can be done in the water.

Kickboxing is a very fun and energizing class. Usually these classes are high impact, but you can always modify the moves to fit your specific needs and restrictions. These classes involve different kicks and punches that are choreographed to music. These classes are a great way to not only burn a lot of calories, but also good for getting out any pent up frustrations.

Spinning is a class where you use a stationary bike. In spinning classes you do many different variations of bike riding with different levels set on your bike. You may ride at a normal pace for a while and then switch over to standing up and riding, or you may ride as fast as your legs will take you. Spinning is also a gret way to burn a lot of calories.

If you like to dance, you will love Zumba. Zumba is a Latin based dance class. There are dances choreographed to songs and you perform them with the instructor. These classes are a lot of fun and will get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping.

Step aerobics is a great class for cardiovascular exercise. In step aerobic classes you use a step and do moves that really work your legs and your glutes. Even though the main focus is on these areas, you still get a great cardio workout.

Not all these classes are offered in every gym. If one of the classes in particular interests you, check with area gyms or do a search online so you can find exactly what classes are available near you.

If you aren’t sure about a fitness class, sometimes you can take one free class to see if it is for you. If you are on the fence about one of the classes, call the gym or the instructor and ask if they will allow you to come in for a trial class.

Hopefully, you have seen a few of the different types of classes that are offered in many gyms. These classes can be a lot of fun and a great way to stay physically fit.

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