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Top Exercises for Muscle Mass

Since the beginning of history, men have wanted to have a muscular, attractive body which would be appealing to women. If you are a thin guy with no muscles, do not worry. One of the secrets of successfully building muscle mass is to focus your weight training along the core lifts. The following exercises will help you build the muscular, strong body you want.

For many power lifters and bodybuilders the squat is considered the king of all exercises. It works a large amount of muscles, getting the most exercise benefit per exercise. Also, research has shown squats cause the body to generate the most amount of testosterone of any exercise.

The deadlift is one of the three exercises composing the sport of power lifting. One of the reasons the deadlift is a mass building exercise is, like the squat, it uses a large amount of overall muscles. It is recommended you perform the deadlift last in your exercise routine, since it is so demanding and will leave you exhausted.

Most men are familiar with the barbell bench press as an upper body mass builder. There is good reason for this, since it works out your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. The barbell bench press is considered a core mass builder for your upper body.

One important suggestion is to incorporate dumbbell bench presses into your routine. While this is not as much as a mass builder as the barbell version, there are extra benefits to adding it. The primary benefit is you will be able to work the stabilizer muscles, which will eventually increase your barbell bench press maximum.

For wide, massive shoulders the barbell military press is a given. The reason many coaches consider this a mass building exercise is you can use a lot of weight when doing it. Another reason is it works your entire shoulder structure, including your traps to a certain extent.

The Olympic lift called the clean and press is one used by many football players to get in shape for the season. Although not considered one of the core mass exercises, it does build muscle mass along with coordination. It works your muscles through a fast and complete range of motion which will only help increase your maximum for the other mass building exercises.

Barbell or dumbbell rowing are considered mass building exercises for your back. Unfortunately, most people find the bent over position uncomfortable, so it takes getting used to. By incorporating rowing your back muscles will get a thick, muscular look.

Barbell curls are a staple exercise at most gyms. The reason is it uses the assistance of the shoulder and even lower back muscles to add an additional load to your biceps. The additional weight you are able to use results in more muscle growth stimulation.

One of the favorite exercises for people with lower back issues are leg presses. Like squats, leg presses work a large amount of lower body muscles and can result in large gains.

French presses or lying triceps extension are a great muscle builder. This exercise is performed in a comfortable lying down position, yet overloads the triceps muscle tremendously. Remember the triceps make up two thirds of your upper arm.

By incorporating the above suggestions in your exercise routine, you should be on your way to more muscle growth. Just remember to stay on course and you will be successful.

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