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How to Use Science to Achieve a Healthier You

Thanks to the advancement of technology and understanding, nutrition has become a science worth learning about. If you know why nutrition is so important, and the purpose of getting certain nutrients, you will be more likely to eat right. Continue reading to learn the science of nutrition for a longer, healthier life.

Free radicals exist almost everywhere in the world around you. Because of this, they enter your body on a daily basis. If you eat well, this will not be a problem for you, but if you do not get the right nutrients the free radicals will stay in your body and slowly cause damage to many parts of your body. One of the best foods to fight free radicals are blueberries. They contain natural anti-oxidants, which help to flush the free radicals from your body. Another food that does this is acai berries.

Due to advances in technology you can now keep track of the amount of body fat you have. The most common piece of equipment that can determine your BMI is very easy to use and can be found in almost every gym, or buyd for personal use. All you have to do is turn the machine on and grip the handles for a few seconds. By sending signals through your body it can gauge how much of your mass consists of fat. This factor is more important than your actual weight, especially if you have a good amount of muscle. You can verify if your body has the right amount of fat for your sex by checking your BMI to charts that are easily found online.

When it comes to having a balanced diet, science has show that variety is key, in each individual food group. For example, many people only consume a couple different types of vegetables, but it is far healthier to consume vegetables of all sorts. The easiest way to determine if you are eating enough of a variety of vegetables is to think about what color they are. The color of the vegetable very often reflects the type of vitamins that it contains. You should eat white, yellow, orange, red, green and purple vegetables to be sure that you are getting all the nutrients that you can in your diet. Eating a variety of foods when it comes to meats and fruits is also important. The more variety you get in your diet, the healthier you are going to be, as these nutrients are all important for your organ, muscle, blood and bone health.

There are also certain foods that can help to lower your risk for cancer. This was learned after comparing differences in diets across cultures and their rates of having cancer. One of the foods that are a very popular part of many American’s diet is the tomato. You can add tomatoes to your diet in countless ways, including sauces, in salads and on sandwiches. Other cancer fighting foods include kale, seaweed and many other vegetables. You should work to get as much of these foods into your diet, especially if your family has a history of cancer.

Now that you have read this article you know how important it is to take advantage of the science known about nutrition. If you put the information in this article to use you will find that you are healthier in very little time.

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