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Your Vacation Can Help Jump Start Your Fitness

Whether you’re taking a relaxing vacation or a sports-oriented vacation, returning from vacation is a great time to carry out something new into your fitness routine. Use the suggestions below for jump starting your exercise routine after a vacation.

When you return home, give yourself the one more day of vacation that everyone always seems to need and want. Whether you’re washing clothing or putting away suitcases, don’t force yourself to get back into exercise the very next day after you return home unless you want to. Giving yourself the option of the extra day is a great way to combat the endless-routine feeling of exercise.

Change the time you exercise for a few days after vacation to see whether a seasonal adjustment such as making exercise time later during the summer will work for you. Vacations usually keep you busier later into the day, whether it’s going out to eat later or viewing sights or entertainment. Avoid your “usual” nighttime routine by exercising later in the day.

Use the different types of clothing you wore on vacation and how they looked on your body to incorporate exercise for next year’s vacation. If one of your vacation outfits was tighter than you’d prefer, or if a certain style alerted you to a part of your body that you’d like to work on, try incorporating an exercise into your routine as a way of planning for next year’s vacation.

Think about one enjoyable way you burnt calories on vacation, such as walking around and touring or trying out shuffleboard, and determine whether you can incorporate that enjoyable activity into your at-home exercise routine once a week to maintain variety in your workout routine.

Think about how you kept up with a physical activity that you weren’t sure you could do on vacation such as hiking or swimming which is probably due to your overall commitment to fitness to emphasize the results of your exercise routine.

Incorporate a physical activity that you wished you could do better on vacation such as dancing into your physical exercise routine.

Use your vacation experience to consider how you can reorganize your time to conserve energy so that you’re not too tired to exercise. These adjustments can range from reducing the amount of shopping you do to changing your schedule of getting the laundry done.

Adjust your exercise routine to incorporate the things that made you happiest on vacation, whether it was spending time with your spouse or family or meeting new people. You can try exercising as part of a class or figuring out where to take a family bicycle outing to duplicate these feelings of happiness.

Change your exercise gear for comfort based on the clothing that was comfortable or didn’t work for you on vacation. This can be an opportunity to buy a new pair of sneakers or simply a sweat absorbent top.

You can use your vacation time away from home as a great chance to jump start your motivation and commitment to exercise at home. Use the suggestions above to use your positive vacation mindset to motivate yourself to exercise when you’re home.

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