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The Importance of Water in Your Fitness Efforts

Learning how to stay full hydrated when you exercise is an encouraging sign that you want to be a health conscious person. It is all too easy to forget how much sweat you are losing when you out running or cycling down your favorite road or trail. Reading this article and its helpful hints could just prove the prevention that keeps you from passing out in the heat.

Drinking Water for FitnessWhen you sweat, water is exiting your body. That means you have less of this precious substance within you. Water is not just a conduit for essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins to travel throughout your body. Your body is in fact as much as two-thirds water. You have to replenish your levels of water constantly to stay in peak form.

Among the many uses your body has for water, aside from the aforementioned transportation of nutrients and overall body composition, one of the primary benefits is that water serves as an environmental control system to regulate temperature. Sweat is not just a way your body uses to detoxify itself, but it primarily transfers excess heat out of your body. In addition, when you breathe through your nostrils, the moisture in your nose warms and humidifies your incoming air so that your lungs can easier absorb it.

Always have a water bottle within reach any time that you are working out. You might not need to drink water that often during your regular day, but when you are doing exercise, you will get thirstier more often and want higher volumes of water to intake. Do not put this off.

Try not to drink your water in gulps that are too big. When you are exercising, your entire body is warmed up more than usual, and that includes your stomach and core. Try drinking warm or room temperature water, as splashing your insides with too much water at once can actually chill you out a little and dampen your workout.

Another reason to take your water in slowly is to avoid cramps. By the time you need water, you are far enough into your exercise to be getting into a flow and groove. Do not ruin your pace by taking in hydration so fast that you start aching.

You might wonder how to tell whether or not you are properly hydrated. Fortunately, you can measure this with just your eyes and no special tools, technology or doctor’s tests. Just pay attention to your urination. If do it frequently, and the streams are clear, then your body probably has enough water right now. Golden or yellow streams usually indicate a need for more hydration, and other colors that occur more than once in a short period probably mean you should talk to your physician.

When it comes to exercise, and just general health, staying properly hydrated is just as critical as eating for proper nutrition. Research has found that simply staying adequately hydrated can in fact cause you to lose some weight just by itself, thanks to appetite suppression and better body function. Keep in mind all that you have read here and apply the ideas to your lifestyle to maintain and attain the health you both crave and deserve.