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Working Out in Winter

For many of us who prefer to exercise outdoors, the winter months can be a time where we see our fitness start to decline as we prefer the comforts of our warm homes to the bitter cold outside. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many people tend to gain weight during the winter as many are less motivated to workout during this time. However, with a few important tips, you can maintain your fitness routine during the coldest of days and keep your body looking right all year long. Read on and learn how you can safely and effectively workout outdoors during the winter.

Most people who enjoy exercising outdoors are runners, and running in the cold can be quite miserable if you aren’t adequately prepared. In many cases, it is a person’s feet and hands that go through the most pain as these body parts are susceptible to becoming numb and painful if they are cold for too long. A runner’s first step should be to wear a pair of quality running gloves on their hands and some wicking sock liners under their socks before heading out the door. The gloves will do wonders in keeping your hands nice and warm no matter how cold it is outside and the wicking sock liner will keep your feet from getting numb and sore while you are on your run. These items are relatively inexpensive and will do wonders for keeping you running comfortably in the wintertime.

A common mistake most people make when exercising outdoors in the winter is to wear way too many layers while they workout. While nearly everyone is cold when they start their fitness routine, your body will warm up as your blood starts pumping through your body. Having too many layers can actually cause you to feel too hot, which could end up leading to dehydration. Avoid overdressing during your workouts and try to push through the uncomfortable feelings of cold at the start of your routine. As your workout progresses, the cold air will actually start to feel great as it cools you off.

Perhaps the most common mistake people make when working out in the cold is that they do not properly hydrate themselves. For some reason, people aren’t as keen on drinking water in cold weather as they are on a hot summer’s day. This however, is a recipe for disaster as your body is still losing lots of water through sweat. Coupled with wearing too many layers, not drinking enough water during your workout is putting you in danger of becoming dehydrated during your workout.

While exercising in the winter might not be the most fun experience in the world, it does not have to be all that uncomfortable. Use the information given in this article and start working out year round, so that you never slip into a fitness rut. Before long, you may even find that you prefer to workout in colder weather than the blistering heat that summer offers.

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