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Workout Equipment That Won’t Gather Dust in Your Closet

A whole lot of people have stories about purchasing exercise equipment that was rarely used, gathering dust in a basement or closet, then eventually getting sold for peanuts at a garage sale or charity auction. Unfortunately, the “home gym” equipment just tends to end up that way for most people. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not legitimate smaller pieces of equipment out there that you will actually use and find helpful in reaching your fitness goals.

If part of your fitness regimen includes a cardio workout, either outdoors or inside, you could benefit greatly from owning a fitness monitor. These handy little devices can calculate, depending on which model you choose, how far you have gone, how fast, and how many calories you have burned. Advanced models can even be synchronized with your computer for a full analysis of each workout. Versions can include chronograph watches, pedometers, speed and distance monitors, altimeter watches and fitness assessments monitors. Another very useful tool is a heart rate monitor, which can be buyd as a wireless chest-strap version or a fingertip sensor.

If you will be doing any type of exercise in remote places, it is essential that you carry a GPS tracker. Not only will it assist in navigating your environment, but ir can be a lifesaver if you become lost or stranded. It will allow searchers to ascertain your location and render assistance. Make sure to keep extra batteries with you, and test them beforehand. Keep your tracker and extra batteries in a waterproof bag that is immediately accessible in case of emergency. Even if you do not plan to venture far from home, a GPS tracker can still be valuable in case of an accident or injury.

Perhaps the most important piece of fitness equipment you can own is a good pair of shoes. Having the support you need to distribute body weight evenly can make the difference between success or failure in how consistently you will partake in physical exercise. If you are comfortable, you will exercise more often. It is as simple as that. In addition, the proper shoes will help prevent injuries, as well as condition the muscles in a healthy way.

Waterproof clothing is essential in not only the winter months, but also throughout the summer. Temperatures drop considerably after the sun goes down, and if you are trapped in wet clothing, hypothermia can set in regardless of what season it is. Particularly if you plan to be kayaking or rafting, and if you plan to camp overnight, buy high quality waterproof clothing and gear. Have an extra set in your backpack in case of emergency.

Regardless of how much time and money you have available to devote to outdoor activities, you can still condition and stay in shape with some simple wrist and ankle weights. These can be worn any time and any place, including at work, around the house and while driving. While doing normal activities, you can be strengthening and toning muscles, while burning calories at the same time.

Staying fit and healthy does not have to mean purchasing costly at-home gyms or expensive gadgets. Try out some of these simple and affordable ways to rejuvenate your fitness regime and start enjoying the process of promoting good health for yourself and your loved ones.

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