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Six Ways Yoga Will Tempt You Into Fitness

You have many choices when it comes to avenues to take to reach your fitness goals. One of the best, for many people and for countless reasons, is yoga. It’s an ancient method of strengthening your body and soothing your soul. Read on to learn more about yoga, and see if it doesn’t peak your interest today.

1. You are learning a new skill. Yoga is as much a discipline as it is a workout. Teaching yourself something new is a fantastic way to exercise your mind, and has greater rewards than just repetitious, strenuous bench presses or push-ups. Learning as you work toward being fit will be more fun, too. Yoga is brain food.

2. You will be working on major stress-reduction. You don’t just get a total body workout with yoga, your mind gets in on it too. The benefits of reducing stress these days are just as essential as losing weight and becoming fit. Stress is a leading factor in heart-disease and other ailments that erode quality and length of life.

3. Yoga will strengthen you slowly and increase your flexibility. After a session of yoga, you do not feel as if you have pounded your body or abused it into performing something you just weren’t ready for. You can proceed at your own pace with yoga, and as you do so, feel the increments of progress in your ability to stretch and hold positions.

4. Yoga is a virtually no-impact, low risk workout. Although it’s technically possible for you to sustain a yoga related injury, the chances are usually slim. If you have any type of arthritis or joint problems, yoga will nurture them, as opposed to more strenuous high-impact exercises that can add to your pain and discomfort.

5. Better breathing. We learn a better way to breath with yoga, and this will trickle down into every other activity. Even people with perfectly healthy lungs can gain from improved techniques in breathing, as deeper, more intense and controlled breathing eliminates more toxins and strengthens your entire breathing apparatus. It also encourages relaxation and self-discipline.

6. The yoga domino effect. Yoga has a way of influencing people toward a well-rounded life. Once you have adapted your body and thought process to the relax, controlled and beneficial ways of it, you will most likely find yourself making improved decisions elsewhere in your life. You may start making better choices at the supermarket and restaurants. You may find yourself much more able to let work related stress roll right off of you, rather than becoming tense and frustrated. And just wait ’til you discover the positive influence yoga can have on your sleep quality and consistency.

While some find yoga to be initially intimidating, after a few sessions you will realize the many benefits to your mind and body, and probably be hooked. Yoga offers you a chance to achieve your fitness goals and unravel and relax your spirit at the same time. You can’t get that in a noisy, crowded gym! If you are seriously seeking greater strength, fitness and peace of mind, consider trying yoga soon.

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