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You Will Not Lose 50 Pounds Exercising Five Minutes A

You Will Not Lose 50 Pounds Exercising Five Minutes A Day

Don’t you just love those fitness infomercials? You know the ones that state that if you buy this particular machine, you can use it for just 5 minutes per day and not only will you then lose 50 pounds, but you can also have a six-pack of abdominal muscles. Time for a reality check. Weight loss can be achieved by anyone, but it takes knowledge, planning and hard work. Here are a few myth busting facts that you should know.

If you have started a regular exercising regime, it does not give you the excuse to continue eating a constant diet of fast food and too much sugar. Exercising can only be beneficial if it is used in conjunction with a solid, nutritional diet. You can still allow yourself the occasional tasty treat, but make sure that 99% of what you eat is not going to undo all your hard work.

Once you start seeing the pounds drop off, it is not an excuse to stop exercising. Even when you reach the weight goal you are trying to achieve, you should not stop. Constant, daily exercise will make sure that your weight drops off and then stays off permanently.

Anybody who states that you don’t need to put any effort into exercising is just plain wrong. To lose weight you need to raise your heart rate when you are working out. By doing this, you will burn excess calories. If you expend more calories than you take in, then weight loss can occur.

A few minutes of fitness a day are not enough for serious weight loss to occur. Thirty minutes a day of exercise are what you need to aim for if you are serious about dropping some pounds. If you find it easier, you can break your routine up into three, ten-minute exercise bursts that may be more suitable for you, time wise.

Not all exercises are created even. Any cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate is good. Exercises that barely raise a sweat or don’t make your heart beat faster are going to have little, if any, benefit. So don’t waste your time on exercises that promise the earth for no effort at all.

You will have to make changes if you are serious about losing weight. Not only does your diet need to be examined carefully, but you need to make time for daily exercise. On top of your thirty minute goal, there are other changes that you can make within your life to help with the weight loss. You can park your car a little further away from your work building, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Any options that can get you mobile and moving around should be considered.

So there you have it, the common easy exercising myths have now been exposed for what they are. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can lose weight without effort, it just is not going to happen. However, with a little hard work and careful planning you can, over time, shift those unwanted pounds for good and you will be pleased you made the effort, once they are gone.